Here’s How To Avoid Charlotte Sex Offenders on Halloween

charlotte-sex-offendersToday, thousands of Charlotte area children will be knocking on strangers doors asking for candy – while this tradition is usually harmless, parents should be aware of any potential dangers.

The Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s department usually releases a notice to all registered sex offenders to keep their porch lights off and to not decorate their homes for Halloween so that children won’t come to their door – but there is no guarantee they will listen.

The department is encouraging all parents to check the North Carolina Sex Offender Registry at and to see where any registered sex offenders might be in their neighborhood, or where their children plan on trick-or-treating.

Here are the neighborhoods with the highest and lowest number of registered sex offenders, according to the site:


Highest number of registered sex offenders (zip code):

#1 – 28208: Ashley Park, Seversville (102 total)
#2 – 28216: Oakdale South, Oakdale North, Washington Heights, Oaklawn (85 total)
#3 – 28206: Sugar Creek, Druid Hills North (76 total)

Lowest number of registered sex offenders (zip code):

#1 – 28201: Fourth Ward, First Ward (1 total)
#2 – 28207: Dilworth, Myers Park (2 total)
#3 – 28204: Elizabeth (3 total)

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Originally posted 2023-10-31 12:53:02.