Romare Bearden Has Just Been Ranked One Of The Best City Parks in America

Uptown Charlotte’s Romare Bearden Park has just been recognized as the 21st best city park in America in by MSN in their new 2023 America’s Best City Parks Ranked report.

It ranked just behind Prospect Park, Brooklyn, New York (#20) and Lincoln Park, Chicago, Illinois (#19). They ranked the sprawling Forest Park in St. Louis as the #1 city park in America.

The report describes Charlotte’s Uptown oasis as follows:

“This compact 5.4-acre city park gets its name from Romare Bearden, a Charlotte-born African American artist. Created in 2013 by landscape design firm Neighboring Concepts, the modern space includes an arbor trellis which is supposed to evoke similar structures in Parisian parks – an homage to Bearden’s education at the Sorbonne. There’s also a striking multi-level fountain and several seating areas, which provide the perfect spot for gazing out at unbeatable views of uptown Charlotte’s skyline.”

Since its opening in late August 2013, the park has become a beloved spot for residents and visitors alike, offering stunning skyline views and a serene escape from the urban hustle.

Designed with inspiration from Bearden’s art, particularly his collages and paintings, the park’s layout was overseen by artist Norie Sato. It features two beautifully landscaped gardens, a courtyard with dining tables set on a bed of crushed granite, and a formal event green field. For families and children, the park offers a play area equipped with interactive digital chimes, including dance chimes. Adding to the tranquility are several waterfalls that create a peaceful ambiance.

Romare Bearden Park is not just a place for relaxation but also a hub for fitness and cultural arts programs throughout the year. Its proximity to Truist Field, home of the Charlotte Knights, further enhances its appeal as a central location for community engagement and entertainment.

The park’s grand opening, which took place over two days from August 31 to September 1, 2013, marked the beginning of a new era for public spaces in Charlotte, blending art, nature, and community in a unique and inviting way.