Medical Marijuana Is Now Officially Legal In A Small Part of North Carolina

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians Council recently approved a measure to create the state’s first legal medical marijuana system.

“The Council’s approval of a medical marijuana ordinance is a testament to the changing attitudes toward legal marijuana and a recognition of the growing body of evidence that supports cannabis as medicine, particularly for those with debilitating conditions like cancer and chronic pain,” said Richard Sneed, the Principal Chief of the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

How will it work?

  • The Tribe, through its EBCI Cannabis Control Board, will license all cultivation, processing, dispensary, and laboratory locations.
  • The Board will be comprised of five individuals with expertise in specific areas, including healthcare, law enforcement, the cannabis industry, business, and management.
  • The Board will promulgate regulations, license workers within the industry, and issue cards that make patients eligible to purchase at the dispensary.

Who will be eligible?

  • Medically qualified patients over 21 years old (both enrolled and non-enrolled individuals) will be able to apply and receive a medical marijuana card from the EBCI Cannabis Control Board.

Where will patients purchase cannabis?

  • A licensed dispensary will be developed in Cherokee.

What quantities will patients be allowed to purchase?

  • Limit of one ounce of medical cannabis per day, not to exceed six ounces per month.
  • Limit of 2,500 mg of THC in medical cannabis products per day, not to exceed 10,000 mg of THC per month.



Originally posted 2023-03-21 13:14:51.