Charlotte Ranks #10 in the Nation for Adult Gen Z-ers Still Living With Parents

The Charlotte metro area has the 10th largest share of adult Gen Z-ers (aged 18-25) living with family members in the U.S. In contrast, Charlotte’s Millennials are increasingly making the shift to independent living – The percentage of Millennials who live with mom and dad here is lower than in most metro areas in the nation.

In our recent study, we dug into the latest IPUMS data to pinpoint the metro areas where Millennials and Gen Z-ers are primarily living with their families. Additionally, we ranked the places where young adults have a smoother path toward independent living.

Read on for more findings about multigenerational living among Charlotte’s Gen Z-ers and Millennials:

  • Gen Z-ers: In Charlotte, a substantial 76% of Zoomers are still stuck in their family homes – a figure way higher than the national average of 68%. This translates to roughly 184,000 out of 201,000 Gen Z-ers who are either facing challenges in leaving their family’s nest or consciously choosing to remain there.
  • Millennials: On the other hand, Millennials living with relatives make up only 17% of their generation, in stark contrast with the share in Los Angeles (35%) or New York (28%). In the last 5 years, a staggering 37% of Millennials living in their parental home moved out.
  • What about other metros in NC? Raleigh has the nation’s highest share of Zoomers who haven’t left the nest (87%), followed by Durham (73%) and Winston-Salem (71%). Among Raleigh’s Millennials, 11% live with family members, compared to 9% in Greensboro and Durham, and 6% in Winston-Salem.
  • Nationwide, 20% of Millennials and 68% of Gen Z-ers still live with other family members, taking longer to leave home compared to previous generations. The typical Millennial or Gen Z-er living with a family member is likely to be employed in food services, construction, education or retail.



Originally posted 2023-11-08 13:31:33.