Charlotte Preparing for Nor’Easter Onslaught: Several Inches of Rain and Power Outages Possible

A powerful ‘Nor’Easter’ low pressure system is set to travel up the East Coast from this coming weekend, potentially producing over 3 inches of rain and tropical storm force wind gusts.

Weather Forecast MapsPrecipitation 3 hours, 34°N 81°W, 2023/12/17 4:00 PM (UTC−05:00), ©

The term ‘Nor’Easter’ describes a storm along the East Coast characterized by winds originating from the Northeast.

This particular storm, moving significantly inland, is expected to drench the Charlotte area with steady rain throughout Sunday. As the storm’s center approaches closer, heavier bouts of rain are anticipated later in the day. Additionally, wind gusts ranging from 30 to 50 mph could occur, raising the possibility of widespread power outages.